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[ March 1, 2001 ]

I have added links to J-Track 3D and NASA Human Spaceflight to the "My Favourite Links" section of my homepage. I have also removed a few links that no longer worked.

[ July 1, 2000 ]

Happy Canada Day!

I have removed the link to since they no longer sell movies directly, you have to go through and I've been told by a friend that they don't deliver to Canada. still is a good source for movie reviews but they are no longer "the best place to buy movies online".

[ April 3, 2000 ]

I have decided to move my homepage to Tripod because XOOM (the previous host) is too slow and it often made it harder for visitors to move to different sites without being stuck in the frames they forced into my page.

Tripod lets me have a shorter address ( and it is MUCH faster than XOOM. The only disadvantages are the banners they put on all my pages and that I get less space to store my page (but I don't plan on using more than the 11mb they gave me anyway).

[ February 19, 2000 ]

I have added a survey question to my homepage. Currently the question is "What type of movies do you enjoy the most?". The question will be changed from time to time. The survey can be found on my online movie store page.

[ January 28, 2000 ]

I added a link to The Star Wars on DVD Campaign in my Favorite links section.

George Lucas has made it clear that he does not intend to release the Star War movies on DVD "for the forseeable future", claiming he doesn't have time to work on them, but more likely because he wants make as much money as he can off his fans. If he wanted to release the movies on DVD he could easily assign the task to one of his many employees, and it could be on store shelves by the end of June. He obviously wants to sell as many copies of the movies on VHS as he can before finally releasing the DVD's five years from now.

If you would like to see the Star Wars movies on DVD (which is the best format to watch movies on) then please go to this site and sign the petition they have started.

I have also updated my resumé, which you can view by Clicking Here.

Another change made was the addition of a Java script that displays the current date at the top of the main page and the top of this news page.

[ January 3, 2000 ]

Happy New Year!!!

My homepage and the A Matter of Honour website have new homes for the new millennium. I am going to be switching to a new internet service provider soon and decided to move my sites to so that they will have the same address no matter what provider I use to get my internet from. There could be a few links that won't work correctly for a while, but I should get things sorted out pretty quickly.

[ August 27, 1999 ]
It's been WAY too long since I worked on my webpage so I decided to make a few changes... and ended up completely overhauling it. It's still a work in progress, but it's getting there. To see what it used to look like Click Here.

[ February 15, 1999 ]
I have finished work on the Computers page and will be working on the other pages now. I have also added my own online store, which sells (through all of my favorite books, music, and videos.

[ January 17, 1999 ]
The frames are back... turns out I like it better with frames than I thought I did. There are still some changes to the site though. I have added "Cinescape Online" to the Favorite Links section, and there are "quick links" to different parts of my homepage located at the top and bottom of each page. This makes it easier to navigate through my site if you aren't using the frames version.

[ January 12, 1999 ]
I have made some major changes to the way my webpage looks. The biggest change is that it no longer uses "frames". Frames divide the page into two or more separate pages. I used to use frames to add a menu on the left side of the homepage, but I got tired of it being like that. For the time being I will be keeping my other web page at Xoom the way it is, so if you want to see the difference go visit my Xoom page.

[ December 25, 1998 ]
Merry Christmas everyone!

I have added a link to my mom's new webpage that I designed for her as a Christmas present. Check it out. I also updated the Jones Family Homepage. It's not done yet, but it looks a lot better than it did before. Go see for yourself.

[ November 1, 1998 ]
There have been a few small changes made today.

The first change was the addition of my signature under the first bit of text near the top of the main page. I don't know why I did it... I just thought it looked neat.

The second change was the removal of the alphabetical links in the link index. It was causing the browser to open a new window if you were originally in the "No Frames" version, and I didn't like it. So now, instead of being able to jump directly to the "H" links (for example) you have to scroll down. That shouldn't be a huge problem since there aren't many links in the index any way.

[ October 31, 1998 ]
Happy Halloween everyone!

I have added 007Forever to my Favorite Links. It is a great site devoted to Bond, James Bond.

[ October 22, 1998 ]
The "Email Me" menu option has been changed to "Contact Me". I did this because the old way only allowed visitors to contact me one way, through my main email address. "Contact Me" allows visitors to reach me using either of my two email addresses or through ICQ. Check it out! and let me know what you think.

[ October 21, 1998 ]
I have made it so links on the main page and the menu on the left are not underlined, just to see what it looks like. I sort of like it, but I'm not sure if I will keep it like that. What do you think of it?

Coming soon: I will be changing the "Email Me" menu option into "Contact Me". When I do, it will include my normal email address ( as well as my hotmail address ( and my ICQ number.

[ October 9, 1998 ]
I made a major overhaul of the link index. There are more links listed now, and they include descriptions of the sites. Click here to read the link index. I haven't had a chance to check each of the links to make sure they work, so if you find one that doesn't work let me know.

[ October 8, 1998 ]
I've been experimenting with JavaScript. Hold your mouse pointer over the picture of the alien (on the main page) to see what I've done.

[ October 7, 1998 ]
I added this news page. I don't expect to add anything too important to it, but I will add information about my web page updates.

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